Our Services

Dedicated, Reliable and Professional

serviceDB Trucking employment roster consist of 110 dedicated men and women. The Port Everglades Terminal has 35 Petroleum Tanker units operating from Vero Beach south to Key West and west to Naples / Ft. Myers.

Tampa Terminal has 12 Petroleum Tanker units operating from Gainesville south to Ft. Myers and east to Orlando.

DB Trucking is present in all markets  Tampa / Orlando / Pt. Everglades. We have the flexibility to deploy our assets as needed per customer demand with additional availability in any market. Flexibility affords us to be reactive to market fluctuation, product or weather related shortages.

Our Key Services Include:

  • Full integration with existing business systems
  • Late Model Equipment equipped with GPS tracking system (Silent Passenger)
  • Audit tools that capture performance
  • Enhanced driver observations and training
  • Flexibility to meet our customer ever changing requirements or needs.
  • Station Inventory Management System (SIMS)
  • Order placement and delivery confirmation via email

Above & Below Ground Services

State of the art equipment

Our services and experience include deliveries to a great variety of tanks, both above and below ground. We use the best and safest equipment available to get your products transported in a safe, reliable and timely manner.

Above & Below

24/7 Order Management Team

Software tailored to customer needs

DB Trucking delivers to many stations backed with a team of associates dedicated to high demand and operations 24/7 -  365 days a year. At all times, the OMC team is working on your order to ensure your supply won't run dry.

Order Management

Dedicated & Experienced Drivers

Advanced safety training

We only hire experienced truck drivers. People with a solid understanding of transportation from inside the industry. Safety is on of our highest priorities and we deliver on our safety goals by providing regular safety trainings for all our drivers.

Driver Safety

Above & Below Ground Services

Besides traditional underground gas station delivery, DB Trucking is also available for the following above ground services:

  • Industrial Corporations

  • Major Airports

  • Private Airports

  • Power Plants


Below ground services include but are not limited to:

  • Gas Stations

  • Fire Departments

  • Police Stations

  • City Departments - Municipalities

24/7 Order Management Team

We are keeping track of your delivery and fuel needs around the clock, 365 days a year.

DB Trucking has an experienced dispatch and order management team available at all times to track our deliveries and ensure the best possible delivery. Our dedication has led to our company being established as the most reliable oil delivery service in the area.

Dedicated and Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are among the safest in the industry.

DB Trucking hires experienced drivers with a dedication to their job function, safety and professionalism.

Improved overall driver training techniques are in place to meet customer satisfaction. Read more about driver safety on the driver page.

DB Trucking